Authorities have not really described the patients’ occupations or said whether they had touch birds or other pets. The ongoing health authority noted, however, that two sons of one of the Shanghai males also suffered from severe pneumonia, one of whom died, and the source of their infection is unknown still. Other people who were in close contact with the victims possess not become sick, indicating that the virus is not easily transmitted between human beings. ‘We don’t know the causes of illness in the two sons, but normally, if three people in one family acquire severe pneumonia in a brief period of time, it raises a whole lot of concern,’ the World Wellness Organization’s China representative, Michael O’Leary, monday said in a briefing in Beijing later. Continue reading

Two groupings received MSCs, with one administered another locally systemically, four days following the rats had been modeled with femoral fractures. The additional two rat groups didn’t receive MSCs. Five weeks after fracture modeling, it had been found that both groupings receiving MSCs, either or locally systemically, had fracture gaps united while fracture gaps had been still present in both groups that didn’t receive MSCs. Both locally injected and systemic injected groups demonstrated identical and indistinguishable fracture uniting patterns. Continue reading

The procedure with bumetanide is reversible therefore. Related StoriesResearchers receive $13 million NIH grant to build up new stem cell-based assays for studying autismOxytocin treatment improves public, emotional and behavioral complications among small children with autismKey neurotransmitter receptor may be a potential target for individualised Autism Spectrum Disorder treatment Various requirements for assessing the severity of disorders: CARS, CGI and ADOS G The widely-applied Childhood Autism Rating Scale behavioural scale was used to rate the severe nature of the disorders, based on video clips of the children's behaviour during an activity led by a caregiver. The movies were analysed with the help of their parents. Continue reading

AstraZeneca to make use of THEW data source for cardiac safety evaluation AstraZeneca purchased a one-year membership to get access to a global repository of data made to aid market and academic experts developing new technology to boost cardiac safety. The data source, known as the Telemetric and Holter ECG Warehouse , assists experts better evaluate how medicines affect the heart. Today Cardiac toxicity is among the leading factors behind removal of medicines from the market, which explains why ongoing research of this type is needed. Continue reading

The scheduled program will be rolled out in three phases. In Stage 1, DDMAC will engage healthcare providers at specifically-chosen medical conventions and partner with particular medical societies to distribute educational components. Phases 2 and 3 will broaden the FDA’s collaborative initiatives and revise the educational components developed for Phase 1. The FDA’s traditional regulatory actions for monitoring prescription medication promotion primarily depend on review of promotional items submitted to the company by sponsoring drug businesses, industry problems, and field surveillance most importantly medical conventions. Continue reading

When the body is usually under chronic tension it is unable to effectively regulate these pro-inflammatory mediators resulting in states of chronic inflammation. Chronic stress makes one susceptible to acute illness and chronic diseaseElevated pro-inflammatory cytokines are linked with autoimmune conditions and chronic inflammatory conditions. This includes chronic diseases such as cancer, heart diabetes and disease. They are also related to anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, insomnia, fibromyalgia, dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, amongst others. Continue reading

So here’s something I was thinking about the other day for the retail dealer, and if anyone tries this and it works great I’ll take a 2% royalty fee for the idea!  I’ve never heard or seen anyone doing this yet so there might be a reason for it, like Google constricting you maybe… or it just might be the next hottest marketing technique.

Anyway… The thought was, why not sell specific cars through Google Adwords. I’m a dealer and I buy this nice 2008 Yukon Denali, I put it up on cars, autotrader, craigslist etc… Why not on a Google Adwords? So the ad would look something like:


2008 Yukon Denali XL – 26k miles Loaded
 $32,997 Hurry! Around the corner in Bensalem PA


The click through to the ad would take the customer directly to that page with that vehicle. You could then limit your ad to show up for customers within a 50 mile radius of you and bump the bid amount way up to make sure your ad shows up near the top.


Here’s the beauty of it in my opinion, as a consumer if I go to Google right now and search 2008 Yukon Denali I get all kinds of ads that say “Find your next Yukon here!” “Save on Yukons here!”.  I have to find the one that seems the most likely to have what I want and click on that one. That typically takes me to the front page, where I wait for the flash splash of a car driving by to attempt to impress me. Then I click into used inventory, then Yukons, and … ugh no Denalis, and two Yukons clearly does not make for a “huge selection” … back … back …. back. Ok back at search results now let me try this one…. It gets to be very daunting! Posting an ad that is vehicle specific cuts out all that to build a more cost effective click and a hugely better experience for the consumer.  The only downside I can see is being so specific might affect your click through ratio and make each click cost more. The upside will be a much stronger conversion from click to sale.

I am very curious to know how that would work out, so if someone ventures to try it please update me on the results!

So I was surfing around different dealer websites the other day and I was horrified to see how many of them had some obnoxious noise that started playing when you brought up their site. There was one that played a rock song; the other was a video commercial where they were practically screaming; The worst one I saw was a flash intro that was not only useless had no off button for the sound!

Please for the sake of your own prosperity MAKE IT STOP.

Why is sound so bad?

Spending years and years managing a business development center I can tell you with 100% confidence your customers are shopping for cars at work. What’s the fastest way to get them to ditch your site and never come back? Blare an obnoxious sound out their speakers that says “hey look at me I’m goofing off!”

I’m not saying don’t put any video on your site, used in the right way it can enhance your site. Keep it simple and light and for the love of car sales please leave the sound defaulted to the OFF position!

Once in century a video comes along that changes the course of history as we know it. This is that video. Not only is this video a filmography masterpiece, it’s subject mater is just breath taking!

Well what are you waiting for?

The Germans love David Hasselhoff …………………….The Sweds love ….. well watch the video.

Google rolled out its new search bar today, May 5th 2010. The bar essentially lets you modify your searches on the fly to get more targeted results.
There are quite a number of important changes in the new tool bar so let’s break them down.

Google Result Sorting

<This section allows you to sort the results according to type.
Most of this sorting has always been available to you, you just never used it because google always told you what you wanted to see.Ugh! So many options makes me want to curl up into a fetal position. Although Google does allow you to shrink it up if you don’t feel like looking at all that.

Fresh Content

The next section I guess is Google as usual is tiring to put an emphasis on fresh content. With so much pressure on people to create more and more content, are we turning the internet into a wasteland of crap information pumped out by seo people?

<If you want to see the latest additions to the World Wide Web this would be the section to do it in. Custom date range I thought might be kind of cool if i were say doing a report on 9-11. Except the date wasn’t very accurate, and mainly served junk. It basically shows just shows you any thing that has that date and search term on the page.

Sort by date – just seemed to serve junk.


This one was kind of cool, I searched car and hit nearby and it served me small dealerships that were not very optimized but close to me. I dug through the top rankings of nearby results and it looks like websites that displayed their address on every page got top billing. So a key note here if you want to be more  “nearby revelant” make sure your address is in your header or footer of every page.
Related searches – We are all use to seeing these by now at the bottom.
Wonder Wheel! – Oh what a fun little piece of WTF?!? Basically it is related searches expressed as a wheel with spokes.

Timeline – is well, same ole timeline.
Page preview – like it says, altho it seems to slow your browsing down. I think they render the images on the fly.


From what I can tell it seems like hitting “more shopping sites” actually relaxes keyword spamming penalties and goes for more focus on pure relevancy. That would explain why and are in the top 5 there. (Notice they both have used car twice in the title)


Take notice to the last listing, which is a new feature. Google is extracting the prices on items in your page and including them in the SERP. I looked through a couple of these pages and it looks like the key to this is having your product and pricing neatly laid out with “Price:” and “$” labels.


What disturbed me is for a specific car Search results when you hit more shopping, I would have expected to see allot of prices from dealers. Instead there were more accessory and parts websites then anything. Is it the lack of a shopping cart that throws Google off with dealer websites? Whatever it is I would say its something we definately need to fix.


All and all the price extracting feature it the most useful of the enhancements. Even with the relevancy issues of the results, I can still see that being very handy when you want to quickly shop for price.

So what does this all mean in the world of seo? Is it now a strategy to keyword stuff? Do your try to optimize for those people who are clearly in the market and looking to buy or just stick to the standard?

There is one thing I think Google missed the ball on with their new search bar. They should have included the ability to turn off the extra listings by having little check boxes next to the different search types. The mixed results are more prevalent now and it can get a little annoying.

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