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Getting the most out of a Business Development Center PDF Print E-mail
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Business Development Center
The cost involved in having a business development center is significant! I’m sure most dealers start to ask themselves the question “Would I have this business without the expense” If all your business development center is doing is answering the phones while your salesmen read the newspaper and surf the web then yes, you probably would!


Here are 5 things your BDC should be doing that will make them invaluable:



Provide accountability
Tracking numbers and statistics is a vital role of a BDC. They should be able to tell you the advertising source of every sale. How many total ups were on the lot, how many each of your salesmen talked to, how many they sold. Total phone calls, total internet leads, how many each rep talked to, appointments set, appointments showed etc. A quality CRM will provide most of the data but the BDC is the gate keepers. They should be guarding the sanctity and accuracy of all the data.


Provide sold and unsold customer feedback
Getting the feedback as to why customers did or didn’t buy is crucial and valuable information. It can help to identify problems in your processes and staff. 

Create a consistent message, provide extensive follow up, and collect accurate information.
Your reps should all have a standardized pitch. Not to the point that it is robotic but there should be a specific set of points to touch on. There should be solid follow up structure in place and include multiple points of contact I.E. phone, email, letter, text message etc. The data collected should be as detailed as possible including at least two numbers, address and most importantly email.


Maximize opportunity
Your BDC should be squeezing every last drop of potential out of the business you have already cultivated. That includes, consistently calling paid off and positive equity customers, prospecting for referrals, revisiting older leads that never showed, and calling unsold to try and “save-a-deal”. 


Develop Business!
So often in a dealer BDC this is the area that is overlooked! Your BDC should never be sitting around waiting for you to make the phone ring. It is the job of the BDC to brainstorm and see through new ideas that draw in customers. If your Business development manager is not coming to you often with fresh “hey we should do this?” ideas, it might be time to let them know your expectations! 



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